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  • Time Oct. 11 (Day 1) Oct. 12 (Day 2)
    Theme Raw Materials ESS
    Modertator Professor, Dong-Won Kim Professor, Won-Sub Yoon
    10:30 Lithium Ion Materials Flows:
    Matching Supply with Demand

    (Cairn ERA) Sam Jaffe
    Center of Global ESS Market, Korea
    (LG Chem) Ohyoung Hyun
    11:00 Materials Strategy at xEV Era
    (Yano Research) Sachiya Inagaki
    Grid-Scale Energy Storage in the UK:
    Markets, Policy and Opportunity

    (Energy, UK Department for International Trade)
    David Hodgson
    11:30 Special Keynote 1 :

    Heart of E-Mobility, Battery
    (Samsung SDI) Seh-Woong (S.W.) Jeong
    Special Keynote 2 :

    Overview on progress and trends of advanced power batteries for EV applications in China
    (Tianjin Institute of Power Sources) Xiao Chengwei
    12:00 Lunch
    Theme Advancement B2U(Battery Second Use)
    Modertator Professor, Kwang Bum Kim Professor, Jeom-Soo Kim
    14:00 Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry
    (SIEMENS) HyunJung Ohn
    Battery Recycle
    (Shmuel De-Leon) Shmuel De-Leon
    14:30 The future of battery production for electric vehicles
    (BCG) Sebastian Wolf
    Tasks for the Lithium Ion Battery
    (Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.) Makoto Dave Yoshida
    15:00 Li-ion battery cells with pure silicon anodes
    (Leyden Jar Technology) Christian Rood
    Recycling Technology of Used Lithium Rechargeable Battery
    (Sungeel Hitech) Kang Myung Yi
    15:30 Break
    Theme Beyond LIB EV
    16:00 One Modular Pack Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage System
    (Standard Energy) Bu Gi Kim
    Challenges in automotive battery development
    The winding road to improving battery performance

    (Mercedes-Benz) Benedikt Frieß
    16:30 Rechargeable Seawater Battery Development
    (UNIST) Youngsik Kim
    Trend in the Electric Vehicle Market
    (KPMG KOREA) Dongseok(Derek) Lee
    17:00 World's first wrist band wireless charger
    (Libest) Elon Kim
    England EV Policy and Market Trend
    (Energy, UK Department for International Trade)
    David Hodgson
    17:30 End
    ※ Program may be subject to change.

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