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Kwang Bum Kim, Professor,
Yeonsei University
Professor Kim received his Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since 1991, he is a professor at Yonsei University, division of Materials Science and Engineering.
Seungtaek Myung, Professor,
Sejong University
Professor Myung is a professor of Department of Nano Engineering at Sejong University. Also, he is as associate editor at Journal of Power Sources. Prior to joining Sejong University, he spent few years with 3M and VK.
Theme - Beyond LIB Raw Material Market
10:30 InterBattery
Opening Ceremony
Janghwan Shin, Researcher, LGERI
Mr. Shin is a research fellow at LG Economic Research Institute. Prior to joining LGERI, he spent few years with University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute as a visiting professor. His research areas are rechargeable battery industry, energy storage components, and energy material industry.
Christophe Pillot, Director,
Avicenne Energy
Christophe has built up considerable expertise in the area of battery market. He joined AVICENNE 20 years ago and Spend 3 years in Japan making analysis on the Electronic, Mobile & Japanese battery market. Christophe gained large experience in marketing, strategy analysis, technology and financial studies for the battery and power management fields.
He developed the Battery market analysis for AVICENNE which counts more than 200 customers worldwide. Christophe published several annual surveys like "The rechargeable battery market 2013-2025". He is also the founder & chairman of Batteries congress in France since 1999. He is now Director of AVICENNE ENERGY.
Jae Kyung Kong, Ph.D., EMW
Dr. Kong received his Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering from Korea University. He is now a CTO at EMW Energy Co., Ltd. Prior to joining EMW Energy, he spent few years at Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) as researcher.
Yiseop Ahn, Principal Engineer,
Imerys G&C
Mr. Ahn is a principal development engineer at Imerys G&C. Prior to joining Imerys, he spent 10 years with LG Chem, A123systems, and Samsung SDI R&D. He received his M.D in inorganic materials for LIB and Fuel cell from Chennam National University.
Kyutae Lee, Professor,
Seoul National University
Professor Kyu Tae Lee received his Ph.D degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Seoul National University. Since 2015, he is an assistant professor at Seoul National University, school of chemical and biological engineering.
12:00 - Networking Lunch
Lishen, Zou Yufeng CEO
Mr. Zou is a vice president of Lishen R&D Center(director of manufacture). Since 1998, he joined Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. He is responsible for building EV team of Lishen, EV Batteries manufacture capability planning, and EV batteries technology strategy.
Dongwon Kim, Professor,
Hanyang University
Professor Dong-Won Kim received his Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering from KAIST. He began his career as senior researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Then he worked at Georgia Institute of Technology as a visiting professor from 2014 to 2015. Since 2008, he has been a professor at Hanyang University, department of Chemical Engineering.
Wonseop Yoon, Professor,
Sungkyunkwan University
Prof. Won-Sub Yoon received his Ph.D degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Yonsei University. Prof. Yoon began his career as joint Post-doctoral Research Fellow between State University of New York at Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Laboratory. He then worked at Brookhaven National Laboratory as a Principal Investigator. From 2008 to 2011 he worked at Kookmin University as a faculty member.
Since 2011, he has been an associate professor at Sungkyunkwan University. He has over twenty years of experience in rechargeable battery research. Currently, he is serving as Chair of Battery Division, The Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS) and Director, Center for Energy Human Rescources Development.
Jumsu Kim, Professor,
Donga University
Professor Jeom-Soo Kim received M.S. (1997) and Ph.D. (2001) degrees in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, USA under the direction of Professor J. R. Selman and J. Prakash. In 2001-04, he pursued the research on the high energy cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Michael M. Thackeray at Argonne National Laboratory.
After 5 years of industrial experience in LIB field as a principal researcher at Samsung SDI, he moved to a professional research institute, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, where he built a carrier for not only as a researcher but also as a research planner for 5 years.
Currently, he is an associated professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering in DONG-A University. His primary research interests include the structure-electrochemical property relationships of electrode materials, the electrochemical energy-storage systems such as lithium-ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors, sodium batteries, magnesium batteries.
Gwangsub Eom, Professor, GIST
Professor Eom received his Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from KAIST. Prof. Eom began his career as Post-doctoral Research Fellow at KIST and Georgia Tech. Since 2016, he has been an assistant professor at GIST.
Gaurav Jain, Ph.D., Medtronic
Jaepil Cho, Professor, UNIST
Professor Cho is a professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology(UNIST). Also, since 2016, Professor Cho is a member of Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology. He published 270 papers to date(excluding patents) in high quality journals.
Ike Hong, Director, Kokam
Mr. Hong has focused on an entrepreneurial approach to build a global business in the energy storage industry. Utilizing his skills as an electrical engineer and experience in managing a number of related businesses, Mr. Hong joined Kokam as a vice-president and has focused on developing the first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Community Energy System (CES) using Kokam’s advanced lithium battery technology. Working collaboratively with a team of 60 staff members, both in the U.S. and South Korea, Mr. Hong spurred creative ideas from experts in the smart grid arena. Driving an aggressive timeline, Mr. Hong has successfully brought the collaboration of multiple companies in South Korea and the U.S. that are working together to innovate the next generation ESS technology using advanced Lithium batteries. Mr. Hong is responsible for managing 100 staff and engineers working on expansion projects to manufacture Energy Storage Systems at the Kokam Power Solution division.
15:30 Coffee Break
Mark Lu, ITRI
Mark Lu graduated from the Department of Business Administration in National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan, and continued to acquire an MBA from National Sun Yat-sen University. Since 2008, he has worked for the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as an analyst in the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK). As a certified industrial analyst of the biggest think-tank in Taiwan, he is responsible for research about the Taiwan battery-related industry, including material, cell, pack and related applications. From 2010 he served as an executive secretary of the Taiwan Battery Association.
Yangkook Sun, Professor,
Hanyang University
Professor Sun received his Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering from Seoul National University. Since 2007, he is an Active Member of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology. Since 2008, he is a distinguished professor at Hanyang University. Especially, Professor Sun peer-reviewed 460 papers and obtained 311 patents.
Giin Sia, Director, NEC
As the Regional Director for the APAC region, Giin is responsible for developing, managing and leading organizational initiatives for market establishment and growth. An experienced Engineer, he has been driving sales, marketing and business development initiatives in the area of smart grid and energy storage business for the past decade.
Prior to joining NEC Energy Solutions, Giin spent 10 years with S&C Electric Company. A Malaysian national, Giin holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a MBA, with Honors, from the University of Chicago’s Chicago Booth School of Business.
Su Hang Park,
Senior Researcher, POSRI
Mr. Park is a principal business analyst at POSCO Research Institute. Prior to joing POSCO Research Institute, he spent few years with SK Global Chemical, and Hyundai Mobis.
Shmuel De-Leon Energy,
Shmuel De-Leon
Shmuel De-Leon, Founder and CEO of the company. Shmuel is a leading international expert in the business of Energy storage. Prior to founding the company, Shmuel held for over 21 years various positions as an energy storage, electronic engineering and quality control team manager. Shmuel holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an Electronic Technician's diploma.
Hideaki Ohyama,
Ph.D., Panasonic
Hideaki Ohyama is the staff engineer of Panasonic Corporation and the project leader of IEC/SC21A New Work (Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Sealed nickel-metal hydride rechargeable cells and batteries for use in industrial applications - Part 1: Performance and Part 2: Safety). He is also the rapporteur of IEC/TC9 AHG16 for a new part on Ni-MH batteries for IEC 62973 series “Railway applications – Batteries for auxiliary power supply systems”. He obtained a Doctor of Engineering from Osaka University in 1996. His current activities are the developing of new Ni-MH batteries for industrial applications. He is author of over 30 technical publications and is inventor on several Japan, U.S. and China patents.
17:00 End of Day 1 End of Day 2 End of Day 3

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